An online survey conducted by a local shopping website takes a look at Filipinos’ reactions to the Valentine’s Day gifts they receive.

Lazada asked 300 respondents for its latest survey, which showed only 36% of them are very happy with the Valentine’s Day gifts they receive.


Forty-six percent said they are satisfied, while 3% are not happy at all.

The survey shows that picture frames top the list of “worst cliché” Valentine’s Day gifts, with 40% of respondents agreeing that these are already out of date. These are followed by couple shirts at 22.8% and food with 23.1%.

On the other hand, “must-have” Valentine’s Day gifts include stuffed toys (39.6%), flowers (31.8%), chocolates (19.8%), gadgets (17.9%) and DIY gifts (15.4%), according to the survey.

A whopping 86% of respondents in the survey said they prefer to express to their partners what they want to get for Valentine’s Day instead of waiting for a surprise moment (13%).

Sixty-five percent of them said they don’t mind sharing that they got their gift on sale.

Here are other details from Lazada’s latest survey:


* On PDA or public display of affection on social media: 52% yes, 2.2% no (it’s annoying), 3.2% no (but I don’t mind if others do)

* On willingness to date online: 48.1% yes, 51.9% no

* On one’s own budget for a Valentine’s Day gift: 38% over P1,000, 35.2% less than P1,000, 26.9% P500

* On how much a partner should spend for a Valentine’s Day gift: 54% same as me, 37% more than me, 9% less than me

* On returning gifts after a breakup: 20.1% yes, 79.9% no


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