Are you excited for the MI5? Here’s some of the things you must know before heading to the theater…

1. Tom Cruise performed the sequence where Ethan Hunt climbs on the outside of a flying airplane (an Airbus A400M) without the use of special effects or a stunt double. At times he was suspended on the aircraft 5000 feet in the air (1.5 kilometers).

2. Tom Cruise was injured 6 times during the making of the movie.

3. Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg performed all their own driving stunts.

4. This movie is Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin’s second movie together. The first movie they did together was “Rock of Ages” in 2012.

5. First “Mission: Impossible” film in which every member of Ethan Hunt’s IMF team is a veteran of at least one previous installment in the franchise.


Tom Cruise remains an action star without equal.  :-)