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Good morning! A wonderful story to start the week with:

The house you see in the picture produced an amazing young lady who placed 2nd out of 81,000+ in the 2015 board exam for secondary school teachers. Ms. Seraspi fought everything up to and including lack of electricity and starvation to get to where she is now. She is living proof that with hard work, passion, and determination, even the most far-fetched dreams can come true.

How fitting it is that Ms. Seraspi is going to teach generations of our future Filipinos. Our country is blessed to have someone like her.

I salute her and everyone who helped her get to where she is now. I hope her story will also inspire our other dreamers out there. Thank you Gabby for sharing this story with me smile emoticon

Here is a copy of her speech:

”I came from a poor family. I’m not telling you this to humiliate my family nor to get your sympathy. I just want you to realize how blessed you are if you were able to live a life better than mine. My father is a fisherman and my mother is a housewife. Since I started schooling in my elementary years , feeling ko mayaman na kami pag nakapag-ulam kami ng noodles sa breakfast. Most of the time, chichiria, kape, asin, asukal at kahit ano lang basta’t may lasa ang ulam ko. Imagine the nutrition I got from those foods. Yet, I was an achiever in school….Di naman nila makikita laman ng tiyan ko eh but they could definitely see the capacity of my brain. During my high school years, I had to tutor kids to augment my family’s income..Siguro, di rin kayo maniniwala kung sasabihin kong I was already 21 years old (only this year, April 2015 ), when we had electricity in our house. Literally speaking, I was really burning the midnight oil, I should say for those years just to study my lessons .Kaya napakapalad niyo kung pinanganak kayo na may liwanag na ang buhay. Make the most out of it to improve your education. And never think na dahil sa Romblon State University kayo nag-aral, wala tayong laban sa mga prestigious schools. If you have doubts in the quality of education you are receiving, fix your mind on our University vision: Romblon State University as a premier institution of higher education in the Mimaropa Region for a globally competitive province of Romblon.

It takes a village to create a topnotcher. At this point, allow me to extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to my success. First and foremost, to God for making a mighty miracle in my life. To my parents, Tatay Miguel and Mama Susan, to my siblings for the unlimited support and understanding of all my plans in life. Thank you also to all of my mentors from Elementary to College level who molded me to become what I am now.

I would also like to thank Ate Deborah Esquejo Garcia who financed my college education and my review, I will never experience this joy if you did not help me achieve my dreams in the first place. I also extend the same gratitude to Kua Rodom, Kua Kristoffer, Kua Ercleo, and Kua Francis for treating me like their own sibling. Also, the same gratitude to Ate Nieves Fiel Alvarez who helped me in my highschool education .

To those who are dreaming to be the next topnotcher, commit yourself and be ready to sacrifice. Have a strong motivation, be it intrinsic or extrinsic. Try to bargain with God. He blesses us fairly without expecting something in return but He knows the intentions of our mind and the desires of our hearts. Lastly, never doubt the power of prayers. God answers, big time!

Congratulations to my fellow BLEPT passers. We are now officially teachers. It’s a great pleasure for me to bring honor to our university and province. Onwards Alma Mater dear. Onwards Romblon. Thank you and to God be the glory.”



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