It’s better to give than to receive!


Jaden Hayes is a six-year-old boy who has already experienced too many heartbreaks for his young age. At the age of four, Jaden’s father passed away, and then last month, tragedy struck again when his mother passed away in her sleep. Despite the sadness that Jaden has encountered, this truly wonderful little boy is on a mission to make people smile. Sick of seeing sadness all around him, Jaden has decided to focus on helping others. With the help of his aunt, Barbara, Jaden hands out small trinkets like rubber duckies or dinosaurs to people he sees on the street that aren’t smiling, telling them “I just want to make you smile.”

So far, Jaden has brightened the days of 500 random people with his special trinkets, but he hopes to help over 33,000 people.


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