Student life is quite challenging. You have to study, pass all the exams, and often times, you are loaded with projects and the sad part is when our allowances are compromise due to photocopies and contributions. Nakaka relate ka ba?

1. “As a student sobrang hirap lalo kapag pinagsasabay mo yung pag hahanap ng trabaho at pag aaral. I have to work syempre para matustusan ko yung pag-aaral ko at makatulong sa mom ko and at the same time I need to maintain my grades para mag tuloy-tuloy yung scholarships ko but there will be times na pipili ka talaga kung anu yung uunahin mo. School projects, activities, major and minnor exams and overtimes sa work, and there would be lots of sleepless nights, papasok ka na parang zombie, and a lot of excuses and special exams. The registrar personally know me because of the thousand times I have to pass promisory notes. I don’t really take it as my saddest story, I think It’s really a part of building up my character to be better person, besides what’s life without a little bumps and all? I always takes these things as a challenge, why would I even waste my time pitying myself and my present condition when I could use it as a lesson to strengthen and drive my will to strive harder. Perseverance and hard work, and after all there would always be a rainbow after the rain.”  - Christian De Paz   s1   2. Student life isn’t quite challenging. It is DEFINITELY challenging. There are lots of obstacles that I have went through in the course of being a student, mostly ones that involve financial problems. However, the most difficult one to bear or the saddest one is one that happened recently. I study at a private school out of my parents’ sweat and sacrifice. God knows how much they’ve been through just to give us quality education despite our shortcomings. When school started, I was one of the few who didn’t have the books yet because it was quite expensive. It took us almost two weeks to save up. The new K-12 curriculum was quite a turnover, so the expenses needed were quite bigger than before. We cut on groceries and other bills just to afford the requirements. Afterwards, time came when I was given the opportunity to purchase the books and the other supplies needed. I was beyond thankful and happy. The school year commenced and I did my very best to do each task. But, just when I thought everything was smooth sailing, things started to fall apart. There was one time after school when I left my bag at the canteen bench (where all other students do the same) because I needed to go out for a while. I decided to leave it for a while and come back for it on my way home after I finish my agendas. To my dismay, the bag was no longer there when I came back for it.  :(  It wasn’t in the lost and found section nor the maintenance’s office. None of the school personnel claims to have seen it. I reported it to the offices and looked for it for a week but it’s still missing up to now. I have come to accept that it may probably be lost for good  :(  I was very devastated. All of my school materials were there– my folders, reports, notebooks, lectures, my flash drive which contained all my important files… and most of all, the costly books that took my parents a lot to save for  :(  I knew I could work through the difficulty of adapting to the circumstance. But what I’m saddest about is the fact that all the money my parents spent was thrown to waste :(I couldn’t understand the possible reason for someone to take my whole bag. But it happened  :(  Now, I am faced with the challenge to pursue the rest of the year with merely a pad of paper and a set of writing materials. My parents said they cannot afford to buy the books again (they cost about 2k a set, and the books were only available per set) because I have 3 other sisters who are also studying. And if ever they were to afford the books, it would take a long time. I rely on photocopying pages of books of my classmates to accomplish my tasks and am bound to restart to regain everything that I lost.Although it’s hard… really hard, I’m still determined to finish what I have started, whatever it takes.  :)  - Zofialopez s2 3. “Nung nabagsak ako sa favorite subject ko na math.” – Luminiscent s3 4. It is when nagkaka sabaysabay yung mga assignments and projects pati na rin yung mga bayad sa handouts. Nagkaka short na ng allowance at nakaka hiya naman hingi ng hingi kay mama. So nag hahanap ako ng ibang source of income. Like, reselling or online business, I even joined networking at some point – Miiiiichelles4

5. Nakakapagod po talaga pero pag may pangarap ka kaylangan balewalain ang pagod. Ako po ay naghahanap nga mga online job pra po matustusan ang aking pag aaral Minsan na uuto ng hindi legit na mga sites pero nagtetake risk parin para sa mga hangarin sa buhay at makatulong sa mama at papa ko – Nessy6697         s5 6. The saddest po ea yung part na kailanagn kong galingan sa study ko para maka kuwa ng iskolar the more the merrrier ika nga, kasi hindi sapat ang isa lang sa dami ng bayarin at ang totoo naman talaga ea hindi talag ma oocupy nung isang iskolar ang tution maybe 1/4 is enough to say, pero para sa akin malaking tulung na iyon. hindi naman ako makakapulot nang ganong halaga kung saan saan. pero hindi ka dapat makuntento duon kasi kung hindi ka mag ddoble kayod deffinitely titigil ka. hindi ko naman masisisi ang magulang ko kung bakit kapos kami dahil nakikita ko naman sa kanila na desisdido ako pag aaralin, taking collage is a privilage everybody knows that .. dipende nalang sa estudyante at magulang kung makakapag aral ka at makapag tapos .. kaya sana hopefully mapili ako , advance thank you to all ..i hope this group will help me – Judy Anne R Calicdan s6   Sa mga students, ang 8share ang magiging katuwang mo sa mga projects and contributions!  Paano?

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