Mom and Dad were so excited to surprise their son with a trip to the circus. He loves elephants and this would be their chance to take him to see them live!

To throw him off – so he would not expect the surprise, Mom and Dad told him they were taking him to a broccoli farm. They thought it would be the least exciting place he’d want to attend, but boy were they wrong! Apparently, their son was really looking forward to going to the broccoli farm, and the video is evidence of what conspired next. His little reaction is adorable, but by the end, he’s a little upset.

This is what Mom and Dad had to say about the event:

“We told our 4 year old that we had a surprise for him and said we were taking a trip to a broccoli farm so we could hide that we were going to the circus. This was the opposite of the reaction that we expected.”

I’m sure there’s been a time when every parent tried to surprise their kids with something they thought was awesome, but ended up backfiring.



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