Now that we are technically in the midst of Spring, it is time to tend to our gardens. I don’t have a sprinkler system at home, so you can often see me hand watering all my flowers and grass every few days. I wish there was an easier way, but I’m just not ready to fork out the money to spend on a sprinkler system. I was online looking for an easier way to water my yard, when I found a DIY sprinkler that has helped me heaps. Instead of having to hand water everything, I now use Dave Hax’s technique, and I’ve never looked back!

The tip requires a few things I’m sure you can find around your home. If not, the items are easily accessible at any hardware store. All you need is an old beverage bottle, a tack to poke holes, a hose, and some tape! Watch how he assembles it in the video below, you can make one in no time!

On a side note, in the summer, you can use it to keep the kiddos cool! I used to love running through the sprinklers as a kid, and this is a cool economical way to get the same effect! Enjoy!


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