In the video, he shows us his fruit, it looks normal, but then he shows us what happens to it when he pours boiling water on top. At first, nothing spectacular happens, but after some moments, the wax starts to turn white. When that happened, I couldn’t believe it. I have been eating that stuff every time I eat an apple and I didn’t even realize it! Wait until you see the demonstration, it blew me away. Now I know why people use a white vinegar wash to cleanse their fruit, and now I’m implementing the same process to mine, too. EVERYONE should see this!
At the end, he gives us a solution. He shows us how to get rid of the wax build up on our fruit and vegetables. I knew there was a film of wax on my fruit, but always thought water was enough.

Now I’m doing his method from now on. This is so eye-opening!


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