Kristin, fresh off of her deployment in the military, decided to do something for him to thank him for all he has done for her and her mom. She found a nearly identical 1983 Porsche 914 and had it shipped and repaired near her parents’ home. On Father’s Day she gave him a card and brought him outside to the car sitting in the driveway. He was in complete shock. He could not believe it was his. When Kristin said she bought it for him, he couldn’t hold back the tears, it was so unexpected, thoughtful and one of the most loving things anyone had ever done for him. He gave her a big hug and hopped in. He loved the car and quickly took off speeding down the driveway onto the road. The smile on his face was simply beautiful. Dave has always been a blessing in Kristin and her mother’s lives and is a wonderful man so deserving of this special gift!


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