Many people throw away bananas when they start to turn brown. But, these over-ripened bananas have more nutrients than regular ones. We consider bananas to have a short shelf life. They contain more Tumor Necrosis Factor, a nutrient that protects from infections and also provides these other benefits!

Energy boost: good carbs and potassium keep your energy up all day long!

Relax your mind: B vitamins help improve your mood.

Put an end to heartburn: Bananas have natural anti-acid effects which can reduce heartburn and acid-reflux symptoms.

Cool off: Eating bananas can help you cool off and stop fevers.

Reduce your high blood pressure: The potassium and low sodium are perfect for heart health and lowering your blood pressure.

Anemia?: The iron in bananas can help reach your dietary requirements.

Relieve Ulcers: Bananas coat your stomach lining and protect from other acids!

Fight Depression: Bananas contain tryptophan that converts easily into serotonin that causes you to feel more relaxed and happy.

A Natural Laxative: The fiber in the bananas can help reduce constipation.

Do not let those black spots stop you from getting those extra health benefits!
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