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Justin Trudeau won by landslide to become the new Prime Minister of Canada, ending the nearly decade-long rule of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Trudeau, the son of a beloved former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who served from 1968 to 1984, successfully led his leading Liberal Party in taking 184 out of 338 seats in Parliament and booted the Conservatives out of the majority.

The victory for the Liberals came after a 78-day campaign, the longest for Canada in recent history, where Trudeau ran on what has been viewed as an open, more inclusive platform from that of Harper’s. Trudeau promised to renew relationships with indigenous nations, raise taxes on the 1%, legalize marijuana, and pursue a pro-life agenda.

But when the announcement of his victory was made, many all over the world began to take notice of the new Prime Minister’s good looks and gush over photos showing his well-maintained body.

He has been dubbed the “sexiest leader in the world.”






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