Thirteen year old Mudjur Clemente roams around the streets of the university belt to sell packed goods, enticing law students and passers by to buy his products. He offers students a recitation about an article of the preamble (in all its full details) to them, whenever they make a purchase. The internet has been abuzz with netizens sharing their experience with the young prodigy. Last September 11, 2015, San Beda law student Francehzca Sudla posted a video of Mudjur Clemente reciting the preamble. The video has gone viral as netizens learn more about the young outgoing 7th grader from Jose Abad Santos High School.  Alphi Magdaluyo, an accountancy student was also approached by this smart and young street peddler. At first she refused to buy anything from him until the young peddler offered an interesting deal to her.  He said ” Ate gusto nyo po irecite ko sa inyo ‘yung Preamble?”. Since Magdaluyo was intrigued and amused about his offer she asked the kid “Ano pa ang alam mo?”, unexpectedly he said, “Preamble, national territory, declaration of state policies, citizenship and suffrage, legislative, revised penal code article14aggravating (circunstances), article 11 justifying circumstances, family code -what is marriage, saka po ‘yung civil code article 1920.”  She laugh and impressed of what the young man can do. Refer to the photo below: Screen-Shot-2015-10-23-at-9.28.39-AM   Since his story has gone viral online, netizens learn more and more about Clemente’s touching story. It turns out that the young man actually plans to be a lawyer someday. Another netizen reports that he has been peddling goods to help his family, and that he has dropped out of school to help his grandmother who is suffering from cataracts.    preamble   Source:   sample1   Para malaman ang mga testimonials and user’s activity ng 8share Philippines, be an 8share Philippines fans now on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!