This is a story that could really melt your heart out. While on a family get together on a restaurant, a woman was thinking how to lessen their bill because they are many but still enjoy good food. They ordered the foods that they like but before eating they dis not hesitate to pray, the woman led the prayer aloud that the whole restaurant could hear, the prayer also took too long.

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After the prayer her husband asked her why does she took too long to pray, she just smiled and said “I was just thankful”. While they are enjoying their food, a foreigner on the table behind them walked into the waiters then the two had asked themselves why does he personally went to the waiters.
Suddenly, the waiters are smiling at them. Not the regular smile, so they feel something weird but did not show it to them.Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.08.02 PM
After eating their mom asked for the bill, then the waiter came into them and said that their bill was paid in full by the two foreigners why they pay their bill. A verse on the bible on Romans 1:16 which says: “THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING ASHAMED OF YOUR FAITH”
Indeed, God is our GREAT PROVIDER!
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