1. Waiting to start a budget

The beautiful thing about a budget is that it not only keeps you on track with your spending, but it tells you what you should feel free to spend. Have you ever eyed a triple-scoop ice cream cone and thought to yourself, “You know what, I’m not sure I should buy this – perhaps I’m spending too much money on little things.”

2. Neglecting your emergency fund

Emergency funds help protect you from the inevitable. You’re going to have a financial setback at some point. It could be a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand.

3. Buying a new vehicle when you can’t afford it

Vehicles are important for many people, but they can also become a discretionary black hole. If you are planning on buying or leasing a vehicle when you know you don’t have the money, please don’t.

4. Ignoring Insurance

If you were to die right now, would your family be financially OK? If not, you may need life insurance.


5. Not Joining 8Share.com

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