As an 8Sharer, one day, you suddenly receive an e-mail that says, “You’ve been suspended”.

You can’t log into your 8Share account, and all your earnings are gone.


So what went wrong?

I’ll tell you.

An 8Sharer will only ever be suspended or worse, BANNED, for one reason:


Ever heard of the phrase: 8Share sharers, share it right?

8Share is all about sharing good stuff with friends and family.

I mean, what would be the point of sharing something to random strangers right?

So, to enforce good sharing, 8Share has its own good sharing practices, the Code of Honour.


There’s a section in 8Share’s FAQ that states:

“We’re not here to cheat others and fake the act of sharing with friends. The 8Share community has taken years to build trust with advertisers, who in turn work hard to build your favourite brands and products. They have deep trust in you, as a representative of 8Share, to share good stuff with friends, and to keep it real. This is why we are all paid cash.”

As an 8Sharer, we share it right.

But why?

To build trust. 

If you cheat, advertisers won’t want to work with us, you won’t get anymore Specials, and game over.


To earn honest money.

If you cheat, you’re stealing other people’s money. Just share it right, and earn the money you deserve.


To cash out without worry.

If you cheat, you are subject to suspension, or even subject to getting banned. All the money you’ve accumulated will be deleted and lost forever. So, don’t do it!

Or this will be you:


Check out our 5 Pillars of the 8Share Sharer Code of Honour:

Real sharers share like they always do

How do you share something interesting with friends and family on your social media accounts? Well, however you do, keep it up when you share 8Share Specials! Simple!

Real sharers don’t trick or beg people to click on stuff

That includes “Click this link”, “Help me click” or other similar language, or use misleading methods to get clicks, including (but not limited to) using phrases or images which have no co-relation to the content in the link!

Real sharers never spam

Never share Specials on people’s/brand’s pages/profiles that you don’t know. When you share, you represent 8Share, and 8Share does NOT spam.

Real sharers don’t artificially boost Unique Visits (U.V.)

Anything other than sharing how you usually share good stuff with your friends and family is a breach of trust. This include:

1) Clicking on your own links

2) Inflating clicks artificially

3) Click rings “you help me, I help you”, “you click for me, I click for you”

4) Pay per clicks sites

Real sharers don’t use multiple accounts or false identities on 8Share

ONE 8Share account, and that’s it. Pretending to be someone else, multiple accounts, and the like will damage everyone in our 8Share community.


You can read about 8Share’s Code of Honour in our FAQ.

So share it right guys, and everyone wins!


Till next time,

Yuna out! :)