So, who’s excited for Heineken Star Club stage Good Vibes Fest

YOU DO? If so, you must be excited for this TIME CHALLENGE GIVEAWAY! Tick tock! tick tock!

What you have to do?

All you have to do is, upload a picture along with the caption and, tada! RM15 reward will be given to YOU!




Upload the picture below on your Instagram / Twitter / Facebook


Write the caption below:

Coolest vibes await you at #HeinekenStarclub #GoodVibesFest this year.. Heard it’s back BIGGER than before! 


Post the picture. 


Copy the link of the uploaded picture.


Fill in this FORM.

BUT wait, where is the TIME CHALLENGE?

Here you go;

You can only post the image at this time: 
1. TONIGHT (20th August 2014, NOW – 11.59pm)
2. SATURDAY (23rd August 2014, 12am until 12.59pm)

Simple right? So, what are you waiting for? Take our your phone and start posting the picture!


  1. Can I submit more than 1 post and get more than RM15?
    Yes, you can submit more than 1 post . But, you will ONLY be rewarding RM15 ONCE.
  2. When I will get the RM15 reward?
    You will receive the reward by after the date submission ended and only when your entries are considered as valid and the first 133 entries!
  3. How to make sure my post is valid?
    To make sure your entries are valid, you need to make sure:
    i. Your image had been posted during the duration that been mentioned above.
    ii. Your image is PUBLIC.
    iii. Your details must be correct. (Make sure you key in the right info)
  4. When is the submission ends?
    Submission ends: Sunday, 24th August 2014, 11.59pm.