One of the reasons why some of your entries for winning certain contests are disqualified is due to wrong submissions in the permalink box.

Not sure what is a permalink or how to get it?
This post would do the trick!

What’s a permalink?
Permalink is short for permanent link, and it is a URL that leads to a specific post.

How Do I Get Permalink through mobile device.

Here is an example of how you can get your permalink from Instagram through your Android and iOS device.


ANDROID Device Users

1. Click the ‘three dots’ on the top right.



















2. Click on ‘Copy Share URL’ .



















3. Once you’ve click ‘Copy Share URL’ Your device will automatically copy the URL and you can safely paste it at our contest entry.

iOS Device Users

1. Click on the ‘Three Dot’ on the top right.

Image uploaded from iOS (2)


















2. Click on ‘Share’.

Image uploaded from iOS (1)


















3. Click on ‘Copy Link’.

Image uploaded from iOS


















Once you’ve click ‘Copy Link’ you are now safe to paste the link on our contest entry.

Now you don’t have to crack your head to figure out how to get your permalink through your mobile device. All you have to do is follow the respective mobile device instructions above and you’re good to go!

Happy permalink-ing peeps!