With just RM7, you could prevent someone from hunger.

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What is a suspended meals?
Suspended meals is the concept of people paying in advance for a meal that is provided to those in need. The restaurant will mark down the sum of money and ‘suspend’ the additional meal to the poor.

Meals For All
Meals For All, an idea of the suspended meals was first set up by Ramesh Vadiveloo on July 2014. He was inspired by the idea of suspended coffees in Italy. He then decided to adapt the concept and changed it to meals instead of coffees.

Ramesh’s main idea is to put together a network of restaurants to as meal providers and soup kitchens as the meal distributors through public donations. This programme aims to help provide food for the homes and needy.


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What is in Meals For All?
The meal prepared is intended to be well balanced and nutritious. With just RM7, the meal will consist of a good balance of carbohydrate (rice or noodles), protein (fish or chicken) and fresh fruits.

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How you can help?

Donations can be made by interested parties via online pledges on the Meals for All Facebook page at the price of RM7 per meal, and multiples thereof.
Meals for All will convert your purchases to foods to be distributed by various soup kitchens.

Public can volunteer in two ways through food preparation as well as food distribution. For venue of the food preparation and distribution, kindly contact ramesh@forall.foundation or leave a message on Meals For All Facebook page.

So the next time when you buy a meal for yourself, pay it forward by buying it for someone too!