So who’s excited for an all expense paid trip to Adelaide?  :D

The 8Share team couldn’t be more excited about it as we’re huge supporters of traveling and exploring the world! And when we found out that Air Asia X is having the Adelaide Busking Challenge, we were ecstatic because we knew that if there was ONE thing that could add that extra awesome to this traveling experience would be to…

See our fellow 8Sharer busking like a Rockstar on the streets of Adelaide :)

Air Asia X is challenging you to show your best busking/street performing skill. Busking doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sing. You can recite a poem, juggle, do magic tricks, dance, and even mime! Anything you want as long as you’re entertaining someone.

We totally believe that you guys would busk the best so that’s why we’ve got your back & we want to fully support you in participating in the Adelaide Busking Challenge and…

We will reward RM20 credit to your 8Share account for submitting a busking video! TOP 3 8Sharer submissions will get an additional wallet credit of RM100 :D

Power Tip: When making your video, don’t forget to be AWESOME!
So hurry, 3 steps is all it take!

Record a short video of you/your friend showing your/their best busking/street performing skill (reciting a poem, singing, magic tricks, miming, dancing, etc. See some examples here) & upload it to YouTube.

NOTE: It doesn’t have to be on the streets. As long as you’re showing your skill. It can be in your room too! :)

Submit your video
to the Adelaide Busking Challenge page.

Fill up this form.

Deadline: 10PM, 23 February 2014

If all’s good with your video submission, a reward of RM20 will be credited to your 8Share account. TOP 3 8Sharer videos will be announced on 25th February 2014, and they will receive an additional RM100 credit to their account :)

Note: Only videos relevant to the contest will be rewarded.

The Top 3 videos submitted by 8Sharers, in no particular order are:

Thank you to all of you who submitted your videos!
All winners & approved video submissions will have their reward credited to their 8Share accounts by 3rd March 2014 :)

Let’s support our 8Sharers by voting for their videos HERE.