In 2014, 30 orphans lost their home to a fire set by intruders. Following the incident, the Government reclaimed the land the home’s situated at to build a highway affecting the orphans and the rest of the homes’ inmates.

Here’s what you have to know about Bodhi Homecare and how you can help them build a new home.


Who are they?

Bodhi Homecare Cheras is a registered home and was set up in 1989 to house and take care of handicapped and abandoned children as well as needy and some disabled folks forsaken by there families. There are about 40 inmates in total.

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How do they sustain themselves?

Bodhi Homecare is also an NGO and the committee runs a small recycling station of donated items such as clothes, plastic ware, newspapers etc for sale. This contributes to about 50% of their expensese which include living, medicare, and schooling expenses for the inmates. Otherwise they thrive on occasional donations from the public.


What do they need?

A new accommodation quarters for 30 odd orphans and abandoned children. Their living quarters were burnt down by intruders in 2014.


How you can help?


BeCause is a social initiative by Community Care Society of Malaysia (Persatuan Penyayang Komuniti) and they are organizing a Charity Hunt at Sunway Pyramid to raise funds. Read more about the Charity Hunt here.


So why not have fun hunting for treasures in the mall while doing charity? Register for the Charity Hunt here!