We have more or less a week left before the 6% Goods and Services Tax (GST) hits Malaysia!

Dun dun dunnn~

You’d better stock up on these 9 major things if you want to save some money!

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1. Food 

Especially the kind that has a longer shelf life - biscuits, cooking oil, canned food, honey, Milo, bihun, etc.
giphy (11)

2. Stationaries

Because you can never have enough pens and highlighters.
giphy (5)

3. Books

All books (eg: fiction) except for dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and text, reference, work, and religious books will also be imposed 6% GST, so stock up now!
giphy (12)

4. Beauty products and services

Stuff your make-up bags and buy your facial/massage packages now.
giphy (2)

5. Clothes

Tops, bottoms, outerwear, underwear – whatever you wear.

6.Household Items 

Air freshener, detergent, shaver, sanitary napkins, tissue, toilet paper, towel, mosquito repellent, etc. Time to hit your nearest supermarket!
giphy (13)

7. Medication

Yes, even your fever reducing patches will be taxed 6%.

giphy (4)

8. Toys and Games

Your other option would be to stick to toys and games on which you’ll spend little or no money at all – Batu Seremban, Congkak, hopscotch, Galah Panjang, hide-and-seek, Lastik, etc.
giphy (9)

9. Pet Stuff

Toys, food, collars, leashes *or consider getting a virtual pet instead*
giphy (8)


Wow! With all these impending price hikes, you’d probably need to earn/save more money.


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I’ve also provided links to some helpful guides to the 6% GST, which were created by the Royal Malaysian Customs:


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