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GARY HOR, COPYWRITER – I still remembered the early days of 8Share. It was YouthSays in the beginning (then changed to SAYS), if my memory serves me right. I heard about it when I was still in university and it sounded like an easy way to earn some side income. I was hooked after my first cash out and there’s no turning back since. The mechanics were simple enough that I started to get my friends on board too.

Gary’s Tips

1) Don’t Spam
Don’t share everything at once and flood your own Timeline or News Feed with your Specials. Not only would that look spammy, your friends wouldn’t appreciate the barrage of links as well.

2) Schedule Your Specials
Try scheduling it according to the time when your friends come online. I’ve always made sure I share mine either in the morning or late evening as I’ve realised those times were the most popular in terms of click-through rate.

3) Describe What You’re Sharing
Writing a short description to explain the content would encourage your friends to click into your Specials. Leaving the caption blank is a wasted opportunity, that’s what I feel.

4) Choose Wisely
I don’t share every single Special from my dashboard. I choose the ones that would resonate with my friends and something that I, myself would be willing to post on my own wall.