Finger Dance Challenge Tutorial

Your video must:

1. Include the lyrics “7 9 7 9 never-ending 7 9″

2. Be at least 10 seconds long

Scroll down to view some examples. :)

The ‘Finger Dance’ consists of two gestures – the 7, and the 9 (video examples below).




Put them together, and you get 79!



Easy, right?

All you need to do is learn and practice these two gestures to create your own ‘Finger Dance’ video.

It’s entirely up to your own creativity as to how you want to do the Finger Dance Challenge. You may tweak the melody/rhythm (E.g. 79 dance with the fastest rap; 79 dance with hip hop, 79 dance with any song you want – as long as you do not violate Malaysia’s copyright law).

Here are two examples:

Good luck!