8 Ways To Beat The Heat

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Can’t stand the hot weather? Here are 8 ways to beat the heat!


1. Eat spicy food

“Whatttt… You’ve gotta be kidding!”

Nope! Eating spicy food makes you sweat without raising your body temperature, and sweating helps cool your body down!  “Boss, tambah pedas!”



2. Wear the right clothes

Think light-coloured, thin, cotton clothing.

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3. Drink lots of water

Keep yourself hydrated!

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4. Keep minty fresh

Ever noticed how chewing peppermint gum makes your mouth feel cold? It’s a quick fix, but mmm… icy cold breath!

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5. Exercise

Sweat to cool your body down. Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

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6. Take a cold shower/bath

Cause you’re hot then you’re cold…

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7. Think cold thoughts

Mind over matter! *It’s cold… It’s cold… It’s super cold!!!*

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8. Hide in your refrigerator

Time to go on that Narnia adventure!

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And there you have it!

8 awesome ways to stay cool when it’s hot.

How do you beat the heat?

Leave your reply in the comment section below! 

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  1. Jonathan Burac
    July 18, 2015 at 9:01 pm — Reply

    I want to go inside of our refrigerator because of the heat even though it was rainy season already.

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