8Share is the rewards club for social media users that just keeps on giving.

Check out these interesting facts on 8Share! #DidYouKnow


1. 8Share is a private rewards club for social media users

8Sharers get rewarded with cash and awesome prizes for sharing cool stuff on social media. Yup, you can actually earn money by sharing stuff on your social media accounts!

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2. 8Share Malaysia has more than 600,000 members to date

And the community just grows, and grows, and grows!


3. 8Share got its name in 2013 (Before that it was called Youth Says and Says)

The 8 in 8Share represents the infinity (∞) symbol, meaning never-ending sharing and rewards!

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4. 8Share is established in 4 countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam 

Who knows which country could be next!

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5. 8Share has a strict Code of Honour to ensure awesome sharing, the right way

Sharing the right way ensures that everyone gets a fair chance at earning money and winning prizes


6. RM6,155,752 has been rewarded to 8Sharers since 2010 – January 2015

 Yes! MILLIONS of Ringgits have been rewarded to 8Sharers within the span of 5 years!


7. 8Share has no registration fees, hidden costs, etc.

First time users are even rewarded RM1 upon account activation! Woohoo!


8. All 8Sharers are paid via bank transfer

No more waiting on cheques to clear, 8Share pays you directly via bank transfer 



And there you have it - 8 Facts On 8Share!

It’s a fact that 8Share is an awesome community for social media users.

After all, why shouldn’t you make money for sharing stuff on social media, right?

How else can you earn money as easily? Well, to answer that, we’ve put together a list of ways to earn money without having a job right here!


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