It’s not uncommon for students to take up a part-time job in Malaysia. But the question is, should you? While there are various benefits to taking up a part-time job when you’re studying, there are 6 things that you should consider first before you start a part-time job:

1. Money

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 You Should Know:

The most cited reason for students to begin part-time work is to earn extra money. Obviously, it’s a huge plus to get extra income while you’re studying but compensations varies from one job to another.

Our Tip:

Think about the possible expenses involved – such as transportation and food – and whether the money you’re getting is good enough.


2. Time

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 You Should Know:

An old and perhaps cliché saying but very true as well: Time is gold. You can never get back time, so it is important to ask whether the part-time job is taking up too much of your time.

Our Tip:

Are you spending too much time working that your studies are affected? Are the returns, whether money or experience, worth your time and effort? These are some of the questions that you may want to ponder about.


3. Commitments

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 You Should Know:

Stepping into college life means stepping into freedom, but it is means you are stepping up to learn how to find the ‘perfect’ balance. You’ll probably have a lot of priorities to consider from your social life to personal development.

 Our Tip:

Examine whether you are having too much on your plate. Can you afford to add another responsibility, and can you handle it.


4. Flexibility

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 You Should Know:

Schedule and location flexibility is another important consideration for any student who is looking for a part-time job. Do you always need to be onsite? How are the working hours like?

 Our Tip:

Research and explore all the options available to see if a job will fit your current study schedule.


5. Risks

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 You Should Know:

You have probably heard stories about people getting scammed, having to wait for months before they get paid for the job they have done, or people having to do some rather dubious things which weren’t required when they accepted the job. As most part-time job seekers are in it for the money, there are a lot of scams out there.

Our Tip:

Be sure to do your own research and weigh the risks involved.


6. Legal Rights

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 You Should Know:

There are entitlements applicable to part-time employees in Malaysia who are covered by the Employment Act. However, not all employers will comply with the regulation.

Our Tip:

It is important to know what you are entitled to if you take up a certain job.


So there you have it, the 6 things you should know before you start a part-time job while you’re studying. It’s important to note that studies has shown that depression, anxiety and stress are prevalent among Malaysian university students, especially those from poor families, probably because of financial constraints. But you don’t have to stress out.


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