Almost every Malaysian has a smartphone these days but did you know which app is Malaysian made?

Be it an app to keep you safe or getting discounts from restaurants or even an app to earn extra cash, these cool apps will make you proud to be a Malaysian!

1) For F&B Discounts


Download OFFPEAK

What?: An online food discovery app offering awesome discounts and dining privileges all day, every day.

How?: Search your favourite restaurant, make your booking and enjoy your dining experience

Platform: iOS and Android


2) For Safety

watch over me 1

Download Watch Over Me

What?: A personal safety app designed to help look out for you when you need it the most

How?: Key in where you are going and the app will watch over you via GPS throughout your journey

Platform: iOS and Android


3) To Earn Some Cash


Download 8Share

What?: 8Share is a private rewards club for social media users

How?: Use the app to share “Specials” on your social media. Sign up here!

Platform: iOS and Android


4) Get Malaysian’s Top News

Slack for iOS Upload.png

Download SAYS

What?: Malaysia’s fastest growing news website

How?: Get the latest news delivered straight to your mobile

Platform: iOS and Android


5) Get Fit & Healthy Lifestyle


Download KFit

What?: A fitness app that gets you into the best fitness studios, classes and gyms in your city

How?: Get access to unlimited group fitness classes and activities with just one monthly membership

Platform: iOS and Android

Know any other cool Malaysian apps? Let us know in the comment box!