Most of these historical places now serve as tourist attractions.

However there are some unique (and some dark) facts on these places that may be forgotten.

Read on to discover more interesting facts on these well known historical facts.

Might be interesting trivia for your international friends the next time they visit you in Malaysia. :wink:

1) Fort Malawati, Selangor

kota malawatiImage Source

Built from 1782 to 1826 to fight against the Dutch

This was the administrative centre and stronghold of the Selangor sultanate in the late 18th and early 19th century. A heavily fortified for once stood on the summit. Various relics of the past can be found including the palace ground, a lighthouse, seven wells and a flat stone used for beheading offenders.

Did you know?
There’s a poisonous well at the fort which was used to torture traitors. The well’s poisonous water is made from a concoction of various poisonous saps and fine hairs from bamboo shoots.


2) Penang War Museum, Penang

penang war museumImage Source

Built in 1930s

It was a fort built by the British in the 1930s. It gained fame when it became the site where the battle for Penang against invading Japanese army was lost. This former British bastion fell during the World War II when the Japanese launched an attack against the fort from inland, rather than from the sea as was expected by the British.

Did you know?
The fort has underground military tunnels, some of which lead all the way to the sea, serving as access routes to get to the submarines.


3) Gua Niah, Sarawak

gua niahImage Source

Dated back to the Palaeolithic era

Niah’s importance was first realized in 1957. Items found suggested a long period of settlement reaching back into the Palaeolithic era (the earliest part of stone age).

Did you know?
A skull was unearthed in Gua Niah and was estimated to be 40,000 years old! That was almost the stone age, yo!


4) Lembah Bujang, Kedah

lembah bujangImage Source

Area consisted of ruins dated more than 2000 years old

It is one of the richest archaeological site in Malaysia and the remains show that there was a Hindu-Buddhist polity here. More than fifty ancient tomb temples called “chandi” have also been unearthed here.

Did you know?
A clay brick monument dating back to 110AD is the OLDEST recorded man-made structure in South East Asia that was found in Lembah Bujang.


5) Fort Cornwallis, Penang

Fort-Cornwallis-Inside-ViewImage Source

Built in 1810

The fort was built initially with nibong (palm trunk) overlooking the sea to protect the base from any foreign military forces, pirates and even from Kedah itself.

Did you know?
This fort had never faced ANY war even though it was built for military defence.

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