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Ok, here it is! Here are my secrets to getting more rewards on 8Share!

#1 Choose a time when your friends are always online

The weekend – it’s a time to unwind, and to catch up on news. That’s also when you should share your Specials. Also, an easy way to gauge when you should share your Specials is to monitor your social network and see when your friends are most active (posting, commenting, sharing).

#2 Tag friends that you think will be interested in the special

Start a conversation about the topic, ask a question to your friends, the more people like and reply, the more it will appear to your friends in the highlighted stories of your social media platform.

The more relevant it is, the more likely they will click and respond to your post.

#3 Never “ask your friends to click”

Why? Nobody likes to be told what to do when there’s nothing in it for them. They might even hide you from their social media stream.

Talk about it instead, make a conversation to attract them to read what you talk about.

So, give these 3 awesome tips a try!

You will know the best way to share through trial and error so keep on sharing.
Remember to abide by the 8Share Code of Honour and good luck!

Let us know in the comment section below if you have an awesome tip of your own on how to get more rewards/clicks!