“Eh, why didn’t my earnings increase?”
“Yuna, my friends are not clicking on my links! :(“

I often find similar messages in my inbox on a daily basis, but I also see successful 8Sharers who constantly grow their wallets and cash out B-I-G.

So after weeks of studying the sharing habits of these successful sharers, I’ve compiled 3 simple tips that I know will help you boost your earnings.

Some effort is required, but trust me, it’s going to be worth it. :)

#1 Write A Caption

this is good

I found that 8Sharers who get between 0 – 1 UV(Unique Visit)s are sharing their Specials without any captions!

Little do they know that adding a simple line can make a difference to whether or not the Special they’ve shared gets higher exposure on their friends’ feed.

It also instantly makes what they share more interesting.

Here’s some good news: we’re launching an “8Share Tips” feature soon to help you come up with interesting captions.

So keep an eye out for the sharing tips in each Special.


Some simple caption strategies would be:

  • Asking a question
  • Tagging your friends who can relate to the Special
  • Quoting someone from the article

#2 Spread Out Your Sharing

spread em

Sometimes, 8Share releases up to 3 new Specials a day!

It’s definitely tempting to share all of them at once, but a seasoned 8Sharer would know that their friends will not click on all of them.

So how do you make sure that all the Specials you share are getting maximum exposure?


  • Spread out your sharing by posting your Specials at different times.
  • If you’re a student, post your Specials after school hours, in the evening, or at night.
  • If you’re working, post your Specials before work, during lunch time, or after work.

VQBZ2TM - Imgur


  • No time on your hands? Use a social media post-planner tool like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to schedule your posts

#3 Get More Clicks On Twitter


Our social media whiz at 8Share has been testing different ways to make our social media content interesting and engaging (i.e. getting more clicks, retweets or shares and likes).

What I found is that Tweets with images usually drive more reshares and likes. For example check out the comparison below:
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.04.02 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.05.13 PM


  • When you share a Special on Twitter, add a relevant image to make it more interesting.


  • Who needs Photoshop? Utilise free and simple tools like Canva or Pablo to help create images for your social media pages.


  • Participate in 8Share’s contests! This is probably one of the most underrated ways to fatten up your 8Share wallet. We run contests where you can win additional earnings or cool prizes nearly every week. So watch out for our email updates or website announcement pop-ups when you log into your 8Share account. ;)


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